Hello world!

Welcome to the new CristianoCosta.com.br. Today is the beginning of a new site, hopefully with more and up to dated content. As the new trend today, the site starts as a “soft opening”, which is much better than the old, and by no means glamour, “under construction”.

This version of the site has many improvements over the last one:

  1. CMS: WordPress instead of Concrete 5 (for me really an upgrade);
  2. Hopefully (I really mean hopefully) with updated content;
  3. Now in English.  Não fala inglês? ¿No hablan Inglés? Sie nicht Englisch sprechen? Vous ne parlez pas anglais? Try / Experimente / Versuchen / Tenter Duolingo App;
  4. More soon (part of the soft opening movement).


So, that’s it for now. See you around 😉

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